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10 Fun Tourist Attractions In York

10 Fun Tourist Attractions In York

Destination Guide for fun things to do in York

March 8th, 2023

With so much choice of things to do in York where do you start? There’s shopping, dining, and sight seeing. Plus music, dancing, art, and culture. We’re choosing some the fun tourist attractions, so let’s see what York has to offer.

If you’re into heritage, history, and buildings, here are a few ideas to get you excited.

York Minster

(Image Credit: John Nail via Pexels)

The correct title for York Minster is The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York, or The Cathedral of York. It’s well worth a visit as it’s such a beautiful, imposing piece of exquisite architecture. It is one of the largest Minsters in Northern Europe and is the seat of the Archbishop of York. Visitors who enter the church can worship, be part of evensong, or attend an event. The Minster hosts workshops, exhibitions, music events, tours, creative activities, story telling, mindful meditation, and so much more. Visit York Minster to find out pricing and what’s on.

Clifford’s Tower

(Image Credit: eheritage Blog via Pexels)

One of English Heritage’s recently developed conservation projects; Clifford’s Tower is an 800-year-old tower that oozes history. The tower has been a Royal Mint, a Medieval Stronghold, and a Civil War Garrison. If a visitor wants to know where the best views of York are, then a trip up Clifford’s Tower is the answer. Once at the top there is a 360º view of the entire city. New walkways, staircases, and roof deck mean that Clifford’s Tower is no longer off limits to visitors. For more info along with pricing visit English Heritage.

The City Walls

(Image Credit: York City Walls Flickr Group)

Perfect for solo travelers, couples, and families, this is a great way to see York from an elevated viewpoint. Visitors can enter York’s medieval City Walls at any of the four Bars and leave via any of the Bars. They include Bootham Bar, Monk Bar, Walmgate Bar, and Micklegate Bar. The City Walls are not ticketed as they are free to enter, simply pick a point to start, climb the steps, and take in the whole city. The City Walls are the longest town walls in England and are a great way to view York. The City Walls are open from 8am until dusk daily and are a 2-mile walk. Check out York Walls to find out more.

York Castle Museum

(Image Credit: York Castle Museum and York Museums Trust)

York Castle Museum is the place to find out about 400 years of York’s historical past. The museum was once a Georgian Prison, and hosts galleries, exhibitions, displays, and iconic objects from years gone by. Visitors can see York’s history in one place, from the Victorian street, Kirkgate. Visit York Castle Museum for entry prices.

Yorvik Viking Centre

(Image Credit: Yorvik Viking Centre website)

This attraction is all about bringing the past to life and finding out about the history of Vikings. Visitors can be part of the interactive activities within Yorvik, and learn about Viking-age York, Viking weapons, and Viking place names. There’s plenty to see and do whilst inside the Yorvik Viking Centre. Check Yorvik Viking Centre to book tickets.

If fun and frivolity is your thing, you may want to visit these attractions:

The York Dungeon

(Image Credit: Cottonbro Studio via Pexels)

With theatrical actors, special effects, stages, and scenes there’s something for everyone at the York Dungeons, and if you’re over 18 there’s even Dungeon Lates. A visit includes live actor shows about York’s dark history, gripping story telling, plenty of screaming and a fair bit of laughter. Visit The Dungeons to find out more and book tickets.

City Cruises York

(Image Credit: City Cruises website)

By taking a City Cruise in York visitors will enjoy the best of the city by water. Choices on the River Ouse include daytime cruises, party night cruises, fish & chip cruises, and more. There’s even early evening cruise at dusk, when the city can be seen in a different light. No matter which trip is taken it will be entertaining and informative. Take a look at City Cruises York for more info and pricing.

Treasure Hunt York

(Image Credit: Treasure Hunt York website)

To see the city in a different way to the norm, taking part in Treasure Hunt York is a must. Visitors will find themselves immersed in treasure maps and cryptic clues that showcase the historical streets of York. It’s all about having fun whilst following a designated route through alleyways, squares, and gardens and finding out fun facts about the city. Visit Treasure Hunt York for more info. Priced at around £10 per person.

National Railway Museum

(Image Credit: Railway Museum website)

One for the train buffs or for a family day out, the National Railway Museum has something for all ages. Home to plenty of iconic trains, and engineering marvels like the world’s fastest steam locomotive, the Mallard. This is the place to find out about the past, the present and the future of the railways. There are exhibitions, events, and galleries to see within the museum. Admission is free to the National Railway Museum; tickets can be booked in advance via Railway Museum.

York’s Chocolate Story

(Image Credit: York's Chocolate Story website)

York’s Chocolate Story is the best place in the city to discover the story behind why York is known as The Chocolate City. Visitors will join an entertaining guided tour through 3000 years of chocolate history to find out why York played a huge part in the world of chocolate. There are chocolate demonstrations, chocolate tastings, and details about the founding families of the chocolate industry. Check out York’s Chocolate Story to book tickets. Prices start at £15 for a child up to £74 for a family of 5.

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